Introducing the Power of Integrated Solutions

At ReSource Pro, we take the risk out of tackling your most ambitious challenges and lead you to more profitable outcomes. We’ve done it for hundreds of insurance organizations for over 15 years.

What are integrated solutions?

Whether you’re driving scale, speed, or all of the above, your business challenges aren’t just a tech problem. And they’re not just a talent problem, a process problem, or a data problem. They’re all of the above—complex challenges that need complex solutions. In short, they’re an integration problem. You need a solution that brings all the elements together to solve your wholesale business’ most complex objectives.

That’s the power of integrated solutions.

New Business

The competitive landscape is becoming more complex. How can you focus on the requests most likely to help you hit your revenue goals?

Become more agile and responsive to agency partners with the ability to prioritize high-value submissions and increase premium growth. Our automated filters and streamlined processes ensure that only the top 20% of submissions float to the top.

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Renewals are the most profitable type of insurance business. But they’re also increasingly competitive, as brokers gain access to an unprecedented number of carriers, MGAs, and wholesalers to choose from.

By empowering your teams to be proactive and strategic with agency partners about renewals, you’ll be able to increase retention and improve broker relationships.

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Effectively handling claims is what matters most to insureds. It’s the reason they purchase insurance.

How your organization handles their first notices of loss will determine your renewals and reputation with agency partners. We’ll help you exceed customer expectations with speed and accuracy while minimizing losses.

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The profitability of the revenue you collect is dependent on its timely collection.

Gain a trusted partner with industry-specific expertise and automation capabilities to help you optimize your accounting processes, making them more accurate and cost-effective.

The different tools are used to increase the profit of a company.

Policy Servicing

On average, ReSource Pro uncovers 9 mistakes per insurance policy for our new clients. Each one of those errors represents potential risk. By checking your processes against source documentation, we’ll help you identify and remediate risk-prone mistakes.

Reduce the cost of policy servicing while improving quality and turnaround times with the Policy Servicing Solution.

The key to the efficient company operation is to have checklists, right hiring and and executing things well.

Custom Solutions

Tackle challenges unique to your insurance organization, including driving growth, profitability, scale, or digitalization. ReSource Pro designs solutions to meet your most complex business objectives.

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Productivity at our Core

With each of these solutions, you’ll gain access to our productivity platform, making it a truly integrated approach:

Consult with our team of experts to execute on complex business objectives faster and more profitably.


Power your processes with a library of 15,000 optimized procedures developed to drive efficiency throughout your organization.


Designed specifically for the insurance industry, our programs provide quick and lasting improvements for sales, operations, and leadership.


Uncover actionable insights on E&O, carrier relationships, and sales opportunities with dashboards powered by your data.

Specialized Solutions


It’s time to provide all your clients, no matter how small they may be, an experience that build loyalty and increases retention rates.


The demand for high-touch customer service in the EB space has never been higher. Focus on your clients as we improve your processes and reduce your administrative workload.


Addressing a changing industry, the Innovation Lab is where we apply our best resources, greatest minds, and clients’ knowledge in order to ensure your relevancy into the future.